Our simple idea that changed the world of load testing

Whale and Crane

Test structures up to thousands of tons.

With a range of bags designed to test everything from cranes to flightdeck elevators and from bridges to lifeboats, we have the solution for virtually every load testing challenge.

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  • 09/11/2017

    Come see us at the International Workboat Show Booth #2749

    Come see us at the International Workboat Show Booth #2749 Build your knowledge, your network, and unstoppable momentum. November 29th through December 1st, commercial mariners from around the world will unite once...
  • 02/11/2017

    Crane Load Testing

    In a special edition of the blog, Tad Dunville, director of corporate development at Ace World Companies, and Jim Jota, marketing manager at Water Weights, talk about load testing. Both are also representatives of...
  • 12/05/2016

    Not only for big load tests....

    Water Weights are not only for big tests. Small capacity bags (500 lbs to 15 tonnes) are also available for rent, sale or turnkey service from all Water Weights locations. Ask about our specialist low headroom bags...
  • 16/03/2016

    Crane Load Testing- From a Repairer’s point of view!

    Crane Load Testing- From a Repairer's point of view!Load Testing- From a Repairer's point of view! By: Bruce MacPherson Certified Boom Repair Service, Northeast ASME B30.5-2011 5-2.2.2 guides decision making...
  • 17/06/2013

    Water Bag Drop Test Video

    Our bags have a physically proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1 and are proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being taken into service. To watch a bag under test to achieve our quality standards, please click...
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