A ship’s hydraulic A-frame is an important asset on-board a vessel and is used for lifting, moving, and deploying all types of equipment to perform its mission and deliver objectives.

Keeping the winch and A-frame system well maintained and working within design parameters is essential to safe and accurate operations and continued equipment availability. With extensive lifting, winch and crane experience, Water Weights developed an integrated A-Frame Monitoring System.

The package is highly flexible and visually represented onscreen for quick and easy reference with additional audible and logged information during critical A-frame and winching operations.

Standard Package Provide

  • A-Frame Load
  • Winch Load
  • A-Frame Angle
  • A Frame Radius
  • Vessel Angle/attitude

Typical Features

  • Color HMI Touch screen display
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Telemetry wireless sensors
  • Load versus angle load chart
  • Graphical A Frame position display
  • Safe Load Indication
  • Visual and Audible Alarm system
  • Data logging lifts and utilization
  • (removable memory)
  • Long Life Battery powered
  • Battery life monitoring

Optional Features

  • Sea and Wind Conditions
  • Rope payout length/Speed/direction
  • Winch Hour Meters
  • Winch and A Frame utilization data
  • Inspection reminder
  • Trip system (winch/A frame inhibit)
  • Portable handheld display for Riggers