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Whale and Crane

Our proof load bags can test structures up to 1000 tonnes.

Capable of testing extreme heavy loads, our original proof load bags offer considerable savings in transport, storage, and labour costs.

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  • 15/11/2016

    Water Weights Now Available Locally in Houston, TX & Mobile, AL!

    Water Weights Inc. has pleasure in announcing that Water Weights bags, associated rental equipment and products are now available for rent and turnkey service locally in both Houston, TX and Mobile, AL. The unique...
  • 12/05/2016

    Not only for big load tests....

    Water Weights are not only for big tests. Small capacity bags (500 lbs to 15 tonnes) are also available for rent, sale or turnkey service from all Water Weights locations. Ask about our specialist low headroom bags...
  • 17/06/2013

    Water Bag Drop Test Video

    Our bags have a physically proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1 and are proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being taken into service. To watch a bag under test to achieve our quality standards, please click...
  • 17/06/2013

    LEEA 051 Oct2012: Guidance on the design, inspection, and use of water bags as test weights

    Guidance on the design, inspection, and use of water bags as test weights
    Document reference LEEA 051 dated 01 October 2012 Introduction
    This document outlines good practice of persons who design and...
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  • Simple, effective load-bearing structure tests. Structural integrity of buildings, bridges, elevators, loading...
  • "“Proper sling protection is essential,” he said, noting that the cost for fibre was still higher than steel....
  • 165 tonne load test, Beloslav, Bulgaria.
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