These are constructed from specially treated alloy and stainless steels. Sealing categories range from IP56 through to a fully submersible grade suitable for use in deepwater applications. Full approval for OIML and hazardous applications are also available. With all force measurement applications using strain gauge load cells, the mounting and loading is critical to the accuracy and overall success of the application. Water Weights can offer guidance at the outset of a project, enabling clients to achieve optimum gains from their investment.

Below are examples of what we've supplied:

Tension Tether Measurement load cells used in the monitoring of sub sea anchor tethers on oil & gas offshore platforms. Designed for a 25 year sub sea life cycle because once installed they cannot be removed if failure arises. The continued and reliable operation is critical to the integrity of an oil rigs mooring system especially in locations where high seas and hurricane forces can be expected.

Precision Submersible Load Cell Transducers are designed and manufactured to accurately measure forces in environments where the operating conditions are outside those of standard load cells. These conditions can subject the load cells to one or a combination of; extreme temperatures, high pressures, high levels of corrosion, horizontal and vertical shock loads.

Designed to function effectively at hydrostatic pressures up to 500 bar or 5,000 mts (approx) operating depths. The load cell utilizes an innovative pressure balancing device enabling it to be cycled between atmospheric and operating pressures with minimal effect on performance. The measured load data is sent to a display module and online data recorder where it is stored automatically for future reference.

Our Underwater Load Pins are used throughout industry to measure forces in an axle or pivot on offshore and onshore applications. They are frequently of custom design to fit into the available space. Water Weights design and manufacture custom load pins using down hole gauging to ensure good mechanical and ingress protection. The pin is often filled with a dielectric gel barrier to ensure that optimum insulation resistance is maintained throughout the operational life.

Our load pins are available in various capacities to suit the application, manufactured from high grade stainless steel which is heat treated to provide good characteristics for use in cold temperatures and a design safety factor a 5:1 unless otherwise specified by the client.

Options available include: cabled connection, ATEX certification, milli-volt or 4 to 20 mA analogue outputs and for those applications where cabling is a problem, a battery powered supply source with either radio or sub-sea modem communication